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TR2/3/3A TR3 Gas Tank Installation


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I'm getting ready to install the gas tank on a post 60,000 TR3. I need to know how the felt strips go under the tank. I'm thinking up over the two hoops and a piece under the back section in line with the drain and fuel line connection. I know about the ones on the hold down straps. Any help will be appreciated.



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Hi Art - when I pulled my TR3 tank the DPO had replaced the bottom felt strips with shag carpet, which was pretty groovy but probably not as it came from the factory.

The straps that went over the tank had felt lining as well, which looked more original to me but it sounds like you that under control.

I believe there are two felt straps under the tank, one on either side but I'd get a second opinion from someone else before relying on that.

I'm not planning on using felt when I put mine back together becuase the felt will hold moisture, which I think contributes to why mine rusted below the tank in the first place.

Good luck!

Don Elliott

Obi Wan
Use felt to cushion the bottom of the tank. It will wear a hole in the bottom with viration, even on smooth roads. It will happen sooner if you drive on rough roads.

There is never any water that can get into that area, up there on those arched support pads.


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Don Elliott said:
Use felt to cushion the bottom of the tank. It will wear a hole in the bottom with vibration, even on smooth roads. It will happen sooner if you drive on rough roads.

Nice looking '3 Don.

I was planning on using a buffering material, just not felt. I'm not doing a concourse nut and bolt restoration, so I was thinking a mastic sheet or similar.


I used rubber pads that are used on MGBs under my tank. Black felt on the straps is OK but the rubber suited my car better than felt. The old felt was pretty grungy but no rust anywhere.


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Hey Peter-

Where did you get the MG rubber pads? Moss? Sounds like a good idea.

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