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TR2/3/3A TR3 gas tank mystery


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I am installing the gas tank in my 1961 TR3A no. TS78998L. The car has had some major work in the past. The tank appears to be normal, according to the Ball manual and other sources, but when I put in it "correctly" as shown in the manuals, the front protrudes about 2-3" into the "back seat" area, and the inlet on top is off by about the same amount, nowhere near the hole in the body for the gas cap assembly. If I turn the tank around, "backward", the inlet lines up with the gas cap hole. Gas line outlet and drain plug match up with the bottom holes either way.
The trunk floor long ago rusted away, so a previous owner jiggered up some sheet metal to hold the tank tie-down straps. I installed a new trunk floor, so straps don't appear to be a problem.
What's up with this tank? Or should I say back-and-forth?


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There were at least 4 tank variations over the years. Did this tank come with the car?


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Yes, the tank came with the car. However, the car had some work done on it between 1961-1973--some bondo, some welding/brazing. I'm beginning to think an old tank rusted and someone installed a replacement. The one that's in now looks like the pictures in Moss for an earlier TR3.


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A pic or 2 would help diagnose what's going on. It could be the right tank with improper repair on the boot floor, or it may just be the wrong tank. The tanks I know of:

1) The TR2 12 gallon tank that went on a sloped rear deck body.
2) The early TR3 tank that changed to 15 gallons and was used on the sloped deck body.
3) The post 60k tank that was 15 gallons and used on the vertical rear deck body.

There is a 4th tank that fit into this mess somewhere along the line. All 4 tanks use specific mounting straps.


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From the Macy's Garage website:
Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 3.16.03 PM.png
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