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TR2/3/3A TR3 Gas Line Shut-off Valve


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Is anyone still using one...I've heard the cork seal can cause major leaking so most people remove them. Maybe nowadays there is some sort of neoprene or rubber that could replace the cork to make the valve useable. Where under the bonnet was it located?


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I still use mine. Got frustrated with the cork seal many years ago; it does work but requires frequent adjustment to avoid leaks. So I managed to replace it with a short section of nitrile fuel line. Initial adjustment was a bit finicky, hard to strike a happy medium between too stiff to move and slow leak, but after I found the sweet spot it was trouble-free for many years.

Here's a shot of the valve installed on TS13571L


Howdy Folks,

After dis-assembling most of the major parts of my engine before removal; I was wondering "What the heck that valve was"? Thanx for the info. How easly does it come off that bracket? I tried wiggling it a bit but seemed like it was pretty tight in its seat so; I stopped before I "Broke" something.

Is it all "Brass"? That would look pretty cool polished even if you don`t use it!!

Regards, Russ


Jedi Hopeful
The fuel tap is something I've always been delighted in--like a crank hole in the radiator. I haven't used it very often, but it seems pretty nifty to have when you do want to open up the settlement bowl or the fuel pump or the carburetors. I believe I've changed the cork seal three times in fifty years. TRF sells a replacement seal for a few dollars, 104818/CORK. Probably all the other vendors do too. Why would one not want to have it? I think it's unfortunate it got eliminated.


Darth Vader
Ya'll got me to looking at my car and my parts database. I don't have a gas line shut off valve in my parts stores. That will be another thread. I looked in the parts book and see that the rear frame bracket is for the clutch slave cylinder line and I think I have that right. The Stop Tap goes on a front frame bracket, is that right? Can't quite tell from your picture Randall. I am attaching two pics. One showing the front and rear frame brackets on my car. As you can see my front bracket is welded to the outside of the frame not to the top or the inside. Is that the way it's supposed to be? If so where do I mount the stop tap?

Your thoughts greatly appreciated!



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I found that is very handy to have this valve....

The bracket on my car has a "U" shaped cutout, so the valve slides on without having to remove the fastening hardware.

Also I found that Victoria British sells the metal-encased hose with the correct fittings for both the valve and fuel pump connections; makes for a very reliable assembly.


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Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
The original valve was solid brass, should polish nicely if you are into that sort of thing. I'd guess the cost of the brass was one of the reasons it was eliminated (many other things got 'cheaper' as well as S-T tried to stay alive as well as after Leyland took over). The frame bracket was a 'fork' rather than a closed hole like for the clutch slave; and I think may have been deleted on the later frames. There is a nut on the bottom of the valve that clamps it into the bracket; with the nut loosened it should just slide right out. Because of the fork, no need to completely remove either of the nuts (the bottommost nut locks the compression fitting for the fuel line from the tank).

Cleaning the sediment bowl is something I do as part of my annual "tune-up", the tap is a convenient way to keep fuel from draining all over the floor while the bowl is off. But parking on a hill with only a little fuel in the tank works as well.

I'll try to get a better photo of that area to post, but can't do it just now.


Darth Vader
From the TRA Judging Standards and Restoration Guidelines. "The petrol stop(shutoff valve), located between the fuel pump and firewall was removed during TR3A production(probably in 1958); although a specific break point is not available, cars after TS60000 should not have a petrol stop."
So that answers all of my questions since I have a post 60000 car.
Whats really embarressing about this is I even hi-lighted that in the manual!
Sheeshhh, wot a dummy.



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Unless it is just out of the photo, it looks like you do not have the slotted tab for the shutoff valve - my 59 3A frame has the tab (TS 45000ish), but my post-TS60000-ish frame does not.

Now you have me curious too - just what purpose do those outer frame brackets have? My guess is for an earlier TR2 brake setup? Maybe for drums? They are redundant I think so I'm surprised that they are there.



Darth Vader
I was wondering about that myself Randy. Maybe some kind soul will come up with the answer.

Cheers, Dick


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Just popped out and looked at my TR2. that tab pointing straight down off the angled rail of the frame just behind the spring tower (In Tinkermans first pic) is where the front brake pipe and hose couple togeather on the TR2 and probably the pre 57 TR3s with front drum brakes.


Hi Banjo,

Hey; Its good to hear you still have the TR2. What changed your mind in selling her?


PS: I`m going to remove my Feul Stop today & when I get my new digital; I`ll post some pics of the "U" shaped bracket thats on mine. Thanx for the info on the "Nut".
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