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TR2/3/3A remove a tr3 gas tank


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is it hard to remove the gas tank from a tr3

what are the tricks to getting it out.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Probably depends on which TR3; there were at least two and maybe 3 slightly different arrangments. I haven't done one in a long time, but I remember it being a PITA both coming out and going back in.

The later style fill cap will no doubt make it easier; with the early cap I wound up cutting through the section of hose that joins the inside half of the cap to the tank. Then to reinstall the tank, I cut the new hose short enough that it would fit entirely onto the tank neck while I slid the inner piece of the cap into place. Then comes the fun part of screwing the cap halves together, without cross threading and winding up with the cap in the right orientation. Once that is done, fight the section of hose into place so it bridges the gap, and tighten the clamps. (You did remember the clamps, right?)

Don't forget to remove the outlet line and the vent line before you start with the tank.


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The cap and hose aside, it's easier to get out from the 'occasional' rear seat side, rather than through the trunk. -It may not even be possible to get it out through the trunk. The two holding straps are bolted through the floor to the underside, so I would start by cleaning the exposed threads on the underside. A little penetrating oil there early might help considerably. I think if you prepare for the worst, it will be easy. If you think it's going to be easy... prepare for the worst.

In either case, good luck, it's not that hard of a job.


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PITA is correct, especially on the earlier design. The bolts holding the straps are in the rustiest area of the car on trunk side. Only will come out through the interior side. I have done two earlier (pre 60K) models. I now have the later post 60K model and it doesn't appear to be quite as much of an issue with clearance at the top. Biggest problem will be the strap bolt. not a question of if they are rusted, question is how much.


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Hello Tom,
I've done this a number of times in the last year trying to run down what I thought was a tank leak (I was wrong). My car is a post 60000 VIN so it has the newer style cap, but I don't have to take the cap off the body. I pull the tank out into the trunk-side. You have to remove the seat back to undo the tank straps in the front, then the rear, then I just loosen the hose clamp on the TANK (ie the lower hose. my hose is relatively new so a bit more flexible than ones that have been on for years). Then I grab the bottom of the tank and pull the lower section of the tank off the piers until the fill hose drops off the top. Out it comes. Good luck. Pat


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Thanks for the help. I have the pre 60000 body so I guess I am in for some fun. The owner told me the last guy couldn't get it out so I knew this was going to be hard.


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I have another question. The filler hole in the metal doesn't line up with the tank. The tank is about 1-2 inches off from the hole in the metal. It doesn't seem like there is much room for alignment.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Could it be the wrong tank? There were several different ones of those, too. Mine have all been within 1/2 inch or so, once the tank was repositioned to match.

Hidden accident damage is a possibility too.
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