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TR2/3/3A late tr3 gas cap?


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late tr3 gas cap?

Hi all I took some pictures of the tr3 gas cap in question and was wondering if this cap could be a late tr3 or tr4 were the neck piece is one. I hope it is because it is in nice shape and it does fit. The vent hole is difficult to see, but the bulge is there.


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Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Re: late tr3 gas cap?

That looks exactly like the Spitfire cap on the Rimmers site. Does not look like a TR3 or TR4 cap to me; although I'm guessing it would work OK.


Darth Vader
Re: late tr3 gas cap?

The TR3, TR4, 4A, 5, and early injected 6's caps had had exposed latch. See pg. 57 in Piggott's Originality Guide.

The cap in your pix is shown on Pg. 157 and is attribu8ted to later injection TR6's to prevent opening of the cap in the event of a roll over.


Darth Vader
Re: late tr3 gas cap?

The one you've got will work, just not original.


Jedi Warrior
Re: late tr3 gas cap?

That's the filler cap introduced on later series TR6's.

TR's up to early the TR6 had caps with a triangular shaped latch which faced towards the driver's side.

All one piece TR filler caps are interchangeable.

Being vented, if you decide to use it on a 3 or 4, you can delete or block off the tank overflow pipe. This lessens fuel evaporation, odours in the garage and stops fuel sloshing out on corners when the tank is full.



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Re: late tr3 gas cap?

Thanks all for your comments. Now I need to find a nice original late tr3 cap. This gas tank thing is becoming a real challenge.

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