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TR2/3/3A 57 TR3 gas tank hold down strap mistery?


Darth Vader
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A friend of mine is coming close to completing the restoration on his TR3. His car has gas tank hold down straps that have a metal bracket or plate with a threaded hole in the plate. These are toward the interior of the car. Does anyone know what these additonal plate type brackets are for? My 59 3A just has plain metal straps without the brackets. Is he missing a piece?.....the way it's set up he would have difficulty installing the rear interior panel.


Jedi Knight
Never heard of such a thing -- mystery for sure.
Pictures? (Might help)


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
The TR3 had a different rear panel, that was shaped so it would fit over those brackets.



Jedi Warrior
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Speaking of this - is there a pad the gas tank sits on? What abouta pad between the tank and the straps?


Darth Vader
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Randall...So there is a different rear panel for the earlier TR3's? Are they still available? Anyone have a pic? Does the panel bolt to the brackets?...is that the function of the brackets? luke44....there are strips of felt pad that go between the straps and tank to isolate the the tank from vibration I guess. Thanks guys. :smile:


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I haven't "gone there" yet, but the TR3 panel appears to be available from several sources. TRF has it listed as part of the interior kit; John Skinner & VB have it listed separately. As I recall, the panel does not actually fasten to the brackets; although maybe the back of the occasional seat would when fitted.

I agree with Karl, ordinary wool felt between the tank and body; and straps and tank. Last time around, I was able to find suitable felt at the hardware store, sold as weatherstripping. Today you might need to go to someplace like MMC .
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