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TR2/3/3A Tr3 gas tank repair


Country flag
Tr3 gas tank repair, and is it worth it to try and fix one? I have a tank that seeps a little fuel out and I have heard that one can buy this repair kit and fix them from the inside out. How could you make something stick and hold inside the tank? The pros that I talk to say buy a new one. I am just trying not to spend the 500 bucks. In addition, has anyone purchased one of those aluminum tanks off eBay.



What year is your TR? I have an early one from my 58 that doesn't leak but had a welded patch sometime in its lifetime. Needs a little swishing out but other than that it a nice tank from California car (not rusted). Bare tank, no sender or plugs.

any reasonable offer accepted. (i.e. cheap)


Jedi Knight
There are companies that sell inside sealer kits. Eastwood may be one. If your tank isn't rusted you may want to look into it.

Don Elliott

Obi Wan
I had a small leak in the tank on my TR3A after I finished my restoration in 1990. I took out the tank and for $100 in 1990, I had a radiator/gas tank shop "slush" the inside. It has not leaked again in 17 years. The epoxy coating inside also prevents rusty bits from clogging the fuel lines and the fuel filter.

On the TR3A we finished last year, I bought a kit from POR-15 and did the same.

It's easy. The kit comes with a prep/cleaner that cleans the steel before you mix the epoxy liquid to pour inside and "slush" it all around. Then you pour our the excess and it's done. Costs less than $50.00




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Well Peter that sounds good this one is also a 58. It has the old style tank. Let me get off work and send you a better message.



Luke Skywalker
I've used the POR-15 sealer in several tanks and I have never had a problem...but the tank MUST be clean...


I've used POR and I've used Kreme (Eastwood & JC Whitney). I have friends who swear by Red Kote but I have no experience with it.

Of the kits I've used, I prefer the POR product. I found it slightly easier to use, the solvents didn't bother me as much, and the tank is left with a metallic looking coating inside. Most kits leave a white coating inside that quickly colors and stains with use. I know no-one looks at the inside of your fuel tank, but I like the fact that when I see the inside when I remove the filler cap... the tank looks new, not repaired.


Country flag
Hey Peter I was wondering can you think of something you might need for your tr3, perhaps we can do a little horse trading. I am defiantly interested in the tank and thought perhaps I might have something you need or want, anyways just an idea. Is shipping going to be a problem for you? And, perhaps it just might price everything to high, but I do not know. I live out in the Seattle area, so it would be a distance to ship. In addition, I will check your personal file and use that for communication if we are doing too much business on the forum.



I'm always up for a good trade. email me kentech0822 AT verizon DOT net.

I have FedEx and UPS accounts. FedEx ground is the cheapest and easy for me.
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