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TR2/3/3A how to install a gas tank in an early tr3


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I am looking for some suggestions on how to install a gas tank in an early tr3 without scratching up the area. The tank goes in from the trunk side, correct? I am thinking put a towel down on the trunk floor so that the tank can role in and up after I center the tank in the trunk. I know this sounds easy, but if I remember the last one I put in beat me up. Moreover, does the sender need to go in first or is there some wiggle room when the tank is in position.

Alfred E. Neuman

Jedi Trainee
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I always put the sender and any other fittings I can in the tank prior to putting it in. It's been a month of Sundays since I put the tank in my TR3, but I remember what a chore it was to get it in and get short piece of tube from the tank to the filler cap. One of those jobs that sneaks up on you with how difficult it is vs. how easy it looks like it should be.

Graham H

Jedi Warrior
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It should go in from the cockpit side,getting the short hose into place on the filler neck is a bit of a fiddle. I did see an article on this that said you can use a piece of 3x1 board to gently lift the rear plenum to make it easier,i'm sure they used all sorts of tricks in the factory when they were assembled.



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I found it a lot easier to go in from the interior.
The sender can be installed later (again going in from the cabin) but its easier IMO to install it first.

I didn't install the vent tube at all, after discovering many years ago that it would dump raw fuel on the ground in a hard left turn. But if you do, it probably needs to go in later.

To install the early filler, I install the cap first and get it both tight and positioned properly. You may need to add an extra gasket to get it to grip the panel at the same time the threads come tight. Both are important.

Cut down the coupling hose so it fits entirely onto the neck on the tank, except for 1/8" or so. Then with the tank positioned, slide it up until you can clamp both sides.

You may find that you need to add extra layers of felt to hold the tank in place. I wound up adding some wooden shims, too.


Agree with Randall that you need to cut some length off the filler coupler hose for it to fit. For the felt, I glued two layers of heavy black felt together to add thickness to the felt. It also stiffened it up a little from the glue which made it easier to stay put. Yes, install from the cockpit. It was a chore but it fit after some struggles. Have fun.


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Well I got the gas tank plumbed in and what pain. I did not have a pattern for the rear section of the fuel line for pre60K car so fabricating the bends and making the clips was very challenging for me. I posted some pics to maybe help someone. I wish I would have read Randall's post more carful about installing the cap first; it must be the way to go because I really fought that. John and Keith posted some pictures of their back fuel line sections, but I do not know if they had to remake the line. Getting the gas tank installed and plumbed in is a big deal for me. I remember John maintained once how he tries to get all he can get done with the tub off the car and smarter words where never spoken. For me crawling around under the car is painful and if I would have had the rear section of the fuel line installed I would have not crawled in and out so much.


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Thanks you guys I put about a gallon of fuel in to check for leaks, and as of last night it did not leak. Check out the over spray also John; you commented on that also. I mean I have over spray in draws that were at least kinda covered and closed.
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