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TR2/3/3A torque of the large pulley bolt


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I liberated the idea of a tail shaft holder from one of Randall pictures and it came in handy for torqueing the front pulley big bolt by holding the tail shaft, but I cannot find a spec for the torque of the large pulley bolt?


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I've never seen a factory spec for that bolt. However, the threads are 5/8-18, and the standard torque for a Grade 3 5/8-18 is 140 ftlb. That should be enough.

Geo Hahn

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In addition to 'tight enough' -- if you plan to retain the hand crank option then you will want the dog to end up in a specific position for ideal cranking. Without looking, I'm thinking 'ten til four' was the prescribed orientation. That position is achieved through some combination of shims and tightening.


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Thanks guys I will do about 140 then, so that is what those shims are for I never would have guessed.
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