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TR2/3/3A Steering box rocker shaft Nut torque value?



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No, the large nut at the end of the drop arm (rocker shaft) that holds the drop arm to the trunnion bracket. It has a large washer that you bend over to hold it in place. Not sure how tight this should be. The other two small bolts on this trunnion bracket are 2" bolts that tighten the bracket in place. I suspect that these two bolts are tightened to the point where the column shaft no longer turns and then backed off slightly until it does?...or maybe a torque value? Hope described it right.


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Interesting. You may have discovered another means of adjustment we didn't know about?!? Anyway...

I can find no listed torque for the pinion shaft nut that holds the drop arm. I think I used about 60ft/lbs, as I seem to remember that is when I was sure the drop arm no longer moved on the shaft. So long as the drop arm is secure, the lock tab will keep the nut from backing off. Most bolts are held by "stretch". Whenever a lock tab is provided, I assume the assembly is not torqued enough that bolt "stretch" will hold it together. In other words, I don't think it takes a large amount of torque on the nut, or the lock washer would not be needed. I say that because most American steering gear arms I have rebuilt used like 100-120ft/lbs. I don't think the little TR arm would take that kind of torque. Just me thinking, though.

As far as the 2" x 5/16" bolts. I would assume the standard 14-16flt/lbs. If that amount locks the steering pinion shaft from turning, then you have discovered another way to tighten a loose pinion bushing! Definitely don't tighten them to the point the shaft locks, up to a max of 14ft/lbs.

It sounds like you're about done with the steering gear rebuild. Can't wait to hear how the car drives when you're done!


Darth Vader
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Thanks for all your help John. The steering box I rebuilt was a spare. I'll be pulling the box out of my daily driver TR3 sometime this spring and I'll let you know how the car steers then.
Cheers Karl:eagerness:
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