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MGB Stromberg on my 80 MGB - fast idle this morning


I took off from work this morning and the thing wouldn't kick down from 2000 - 3000 rpm.
It was that way all the way in.
I want to change it to SU's but don't have any yet so I need to make this carb work right.
Unfortunately I've never had one of these before so I don't know what to look at.
I don't want to become adept with this thing but I'd like to at least be able to use it for another couple weeks until I can replace it.
Where do I look first?


Some guys suggested I check the adjustment locking nut on the accelerator cable to make sure it has not come loose, I can do that today before going home.

Mickey Richaud

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I'd start with the spring on the fast idle lever - make sure it's hooked up to pull back properly. Any binding anywhere? Adjusting screw all the way out?

I'm sure it's something simple. Let us know what you find.


Choke falling off the car.
A reminder to check nuts and bolts and screws when you buy a used MG.
I found two screws laying in the channel under the carb, glad they were still there.


  • chokeMGB.jpg
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I found two screws laying in the channel under the carb, glad they were still there.

I had a header bolt back out on Cylinder #5 on my V8....gone...as I was replacing it with a new bolt, I happened to look down...the old bolt was lying in the chassis rail. I noticed the bolt missing in Michigan...I was back home in Illinois when I replaced it. Stowaway!

Engine Bay 7-1-11_a.jpg


Well the choke doesn't work now but - the car starts fine and drives much better without it.
Also I contacted the local MG car club and it turns out the person I contacted has everything I would need to convert to the early exhaust and intake with dual SU carbs.
It's just a matter of working out a deal with him, I know this person and from what I know of him I''d expect the stuff to be in great condition.


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Thats great news, I think you'll be much happier with the early set up!
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