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MGB HS6 or HIF4 bolt right on in place of Stromberg?


The bolt pattern on a HS6 looks right to replace the Stromberg, will it work as a single carb replacement?
Besides replacing the manifolds and going with a pair of carbs, what are my options? Some other side draft carb?
This is on my de-smogged 1980 MGB.


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If you scroll down at this website and look at the chart, you will see that it appears to be a bit small.

That said, if you look at note #2 on the chart you are probably fine. I run a single HS4 on my 1500 and it is great. Typically you want carbs a little smaller rather than a little bigger.

At least as a stop gap it should get you going and almost anything will be better than the ZS.

As I commented on a different bulletin board, the HIF6, HS6, or HIF44 is a direct bolt-on replacement for the ZS175.

I ran an HIF6 from an Austin Marina on the combo intake/exhaust manifold of my 1978 MGB for several years.

The HIF6 is basically the same as the HIF44.

It was a bolt-on conversion, other than the need to run a manual choke to the cockpit.

Performance was OK....it was the manifold that restricted the system.

I've since switched to dual HS4s

. HIF-6_3.jpg K and N Air Filter Taper_1.jpg

Marvin Gruber

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Put dual SUs on it. I can sell you a set with intake manifold for $100 and shipping. Carbs will need cleaning and kits but otherwise good. Just PM if interested.


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Marv said:
Put dual SUs on it. I can sell you a set with intake manifold for $100 and shipping. Carbs will need cleaning and kits but otherwise good. Just PM if interested.

:iagree: The SU's are just about bulletproof.


That's what I really intend to end up with, and I'll need to go with an earlier exhaust manifold and get rid of the catalytic converter as well.
If I put on the earlier exhaust manifold what do I do to mate it up to the rest of the exhaust?
Do I need the "test pipe" to mate to the lower end.
Or does it present another issue to deal with down there?


Sent you a couple PMs but no answer yet, I am interested in your offer - please get back to me.

Put dual SUs on it. I can sell you a set with intake manifold for $100 and shipping. Carbs will need cleaning and kits but otherwise good. Just PM if interested.
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