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XKE Series II Stromberg Carb Upgrade


Freshman Member
I have a chance to purchase some ZS carb parts from an early TR6. I am considering this because I have verified that the carbs have the adjustable needles. The ZSs on my 69 XKE has fixed needles which I've heard tend to run lean.

1) Anyone know if the TR6 ZSs are the same size and type?

2) Is this a worthwhile upgrade?

Thanks in advance....


Jedi Knight
Yes, and Yes, but you may have to fool about figuring out which needles work the best. Later XJ6s should give a good starting point. Try a set from a mid 70s, and I would bet it would be pretty close, as the adjustment will allow you to richen it up a bit. Plan on replacing the little O ring that seals the adjuster in the dashpot. The damper oil will leak away, causing poor acceleration...

Marvin Gruber

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Agree with Jesse on all points. If you ever get the chance, the triple SU's on your car will make you think its a new car. Did that to my 68 years ago, made all the difference in the world.



Freshman Member
Re: XKE S. II ZS Carb Upgrade to Adjustabl Needles

I've done some research on metering needles for my upgrade now that I have the air valves with the adjustable needle carriers (Thanks Marv!!). XK Unlimited shows B1E to be the original fitment for XKEs. B1AQ (an OE Triumph Stag needle)also looks promising as it is comparable through (actually a fraction leaner) most of the needle's length and then quiet a bit richer for the last 25% or so. The Lotus Elan Forum has a very nifty spreadsheet to facilitate comparison. There is a fair bit of searchable discussion as applicable to TR6s but I haven't found much as relates to Series II XKEs. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences?

Anyone know if the so-called adjustable and non adjustable needles are interchangeable? That is to say, if I have the adjustable air valves and needle carriers can I use my "old" non-adjustable needles?

Thanks, Al


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Re: XKE S. II ZS Carb Upgrade to Adjustabl Needles

I have a couple of BIAR needles that I got for my mid year TR6 carbs I am no longer using, if you want to check them out I can send them down to you and you can "try before you buy" these were recommended to me by Burlen when I wanted a richer needle for the carbs, PM me with an address if interested.

Edit: The needles are like new, only ran a few hundred miles, also I don't think the fixed and adjustable needles are interchangeable.

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