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TR6 Overdrive Mount / J-type on A-type frame


Jedi Warrior
One of my biggest projects with the TR6 was to add a J-type overdrive unit to my standard transmission. As daunting as that seemed, but really was not, my challenge now is how to mount this thing to my old style A-type frame (1971). I searched the web high and low and there are relatively few options. I initially built a home brew mount similar to the first image below but wasn't convinced it was robust. The big three suppliers in the US don't offer any option so I went oversees ultimately to Moss Europe. They do offer a professionally designed bracket that I liked so I pulled the trigger. All-in with purchase price plus shipping to the US was about $180. Quantumechanics sells the same or similar unit here in the US but at about $200. Surprisingly, I initially made a request to Moss US if they could get the European unit and sell to me locally. They said sure but suggested the special order price and shipping would total $280 so I passed and purchased the unit directly. Very pleased with the outcome, see second image for Moss Europe unit.


Marvin Gruber

Country flag
That one is pretty sharp but you could have used a mount from a 75 or 76 TR6, drilled a couple holes and mounted it in your 71for a lot less. I've done it a couple of times.

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