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COMPLETE DROP-IN Rebuilt 1975/6 MG Midget 1500 engine PLUS rebuilt Spitfire Overdrive trans NEVER INSTALLED


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COMPLETE DROP-IN: Rebuilt 1975/6 MG Midget 1500 engine PLUS rebuilt Spitfire Overdrive trans $4000

This is a complete newly rebuilt 1975 engine and Spitfire OD transmission for sale, will all accessories. $4000
Will only sell as an engine/trans unit.
You must pickup – unless you have some easy way to ship. I live in the Louisville, KY, area
THIS EVEN INCLUDES ALL accessories (Alternator, High torque starter, distributor, mechanical fan, clutch, gear shift, trans solenoid, Weber DGV carb and intake manifold, stock exhaust manifold PLUS two sets of tubular headers (one is stainless and never mounted).

Ready to drop in. Here are the details:

1500cc engine, newly rebuilt engine, NEVER INSTALLED
• New oil pump;
• Crank trued (std main bearings; .010-over conn rod bearings);
• New pistons and rings;
• Head rebuilt with new guides and valve job;
• Oil line installed to directly feed rocker arms;
• Crankcase ventilation system installed: line goes from crankcase side (in place of mechanical fuel pump) up to air-oil separator, then pulled by intake manifold vacuum thru carb -- avoids smoke or pollution onto the street, and no pressure buildup inside crankcase.
• New Weber DGV carb and new Pierce intake and free flow air filter – never installed;
o Specially fabricated heat shield between carb and exhaust manifold;
• 2 sets of tubular headers; one stock cast exhaust manifold in VGC
• Electronic ignition;
• Oil cooler with oil thermostat.
• New Isuzu Hi-Torque starter modified to fit

• This engine was rebuilt by a local race mechanic, and was assembled the Right Way:
o All bearing and cam lobes coated with break in grease;
o Special Joe Gibbs Break-In oil pumped through oil galleys and engine rotated by hand (break in oil has high Zinc/Phosphorus content to ensure metal to metal surfaces are coated) – change this oil AFTER driving the car about 200 miles (break-in guidance varies widely, so check the internet and exp[erts);

• 4 Speed OVERDRIVE Transmission rebuilt (from Spitfire); NEVER DRIVEN SINCE REBUILD
o Trans opened, cleaned and inspected
o New rubber sealing rings, oil seals
o New clutch and throw out bearing
o The input shaft insert on the bell housing was machined for a rubber-lip seal, replacing the scroll-type seal
o Synthetic trans fluid installed
o Overdrive solenoid tested – output shaft speed changes with solenoid activation
o Overdrive circuit rewired; Overdrive “ON” warning light to be mounted on dash;
o Special custom rear trans support fabricated with space for brake and gas lines;

The assembly is out of the car, hanging from an engine hoist, ready to lift up onto your pickup bed to haul away.
Located in the Louisville, KY, area.

Thanks for looking.


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Sounds like a very fair price with all the work being done! (y)
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