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How much should i pay for a complete 100/4 engine ?


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I am trying to buy a Austin Healey 100/4 engine that is complete and was removed from a running car about 3 years ago. It is a long block but has some ancillaries like a set of carbs and the intake manifold and the distributor. What should be a reasonable value I should pay for this engine ?. I know it needs a rebuild but the chances are it might run in its present condition without a rebuild. I am sure someone would suggest I check the bearings and rings and clean it up before installing it if I were to go the latter route. can someone give me an idea what a complete 100 engine would be worth ? Thanks in advance for all your replies.


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For what it's worth, I can offer my opinion. The value depends partly on how badly you need/want the engine and on whether you think that you can use it as is. If it is as good as you hope, it must be worth a couple of thousand dollars. 100/4 engines must be somewhat rare.


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It could easily be worth a few thousand dollars . Most of the cars rusted away from the drivetrain and were just scrapped out. Hard to find.


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I would agree with the couple thousand dollars estimate, there are so many of the 100 parts that are getting pretty rare, but local sales prices are highly variable, some people just want to get a few bucks for something that has been sitting in their garage for years, and some people check ebay and what not and want to get top dollar.


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I agree with the 2k - 3k range. I have a spare engine for my car, I wouldn't part with it, because Murphy's law, I'll need it the week after !
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