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Broken Overdrive Switch in Gear Knob


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Hi, the overdrive switch has broken; i.e., it is floppy and disconnected from the body inside the gear knob. There is a small screw in the knob which I've removed, but it doesn't seem to do anything. How can I get the switch out to replace it? The top of the knob (it's a cylinder actually, metal, with "O" stamped on top) seems to have a line all around it near the top, but it doesn't screw off I don't think. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!
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Re: broken overdrive switch in gearknob

All overdrive-equipped AH's came with a dash-mounted SPST switch.
What you was someone's aftermarket hot-lick, though I am sure that someone on this forum will likely point you to a source for a replacement.


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Similar to this - will post photos tomorrow.


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Is this what you have?:


If so, it was likely sold by Steve Norton's "Cape International" in Redditch, Worcestershire. Steve may be able to advise, or simply sell you a new one.


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Thanks Reid, - similar , but not the same. it has 'hard ' edges at the top, not rounded. I believe it is original, works part. Pics in the morning


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There is no magic. The switch has to be removed to repair or replace the switch/wire. If the screw that seems to do nothing is threaded into the top, I'd venture a guess that if you backed it out a few turns and grabbed it with a pliers, or better yet found another screw that fits and is longer, that it might just pop the top off assuming a light press fit. If the top were to be threaded on, a soft jawed pliers would be the ticket but then why put a useless screw in it.


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Thanks roscoe and JohnT. Yep, will order one from DWM and get some advice on fitting. Thanks all! Pics attached


  • 20200726_115650.jpg
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Finally got some time today to return to this. Took courage and got into the wired connections and removed the gearknob. Then, with the help of a vice, soft pliers and some WD40, I managed to remove the solid lid! :smile: The switch then came out, and I'm ordering another one from Denis Welch.


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I have the DWR switch knob, it's a little different (top is rounded). That switch appears to be of pretty good quality, how long did it last? It's a very common SPST type, you can get one at any good electronics supply store and save the shipping and customs costs.

I've never seen pliers like that; now I gotta get a pair!

Rob Glasgow

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Joe, those pliers are cool. Much better than the 10 wraps of electrical of masking tape around my vice grips. Rob
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