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Can the 1976 plus radiator fit 1975 midget &


Senior Member
Has anyone used the radiator for the 1976 to 1980 midget on their 1975 midgetthats listed in the BV catalog?

Why I ask is I have to replace my radiator and thought the extra cooling capacity would be nice but am wondering if the mounting frame or something was changed so it wouldn't fit into the 75 frame.

Also I was wondering if anyone has used some other radiator and if so what model, etc and if they have any instructions on installation.



Jedi Knight
I think I had a 75 on my 76 midget when I bought it. The inlet to the radiator on the drivers side came in at the top. I was having overheating problems so I bought a used 76 and installed it. The inlet on the 76 model radiator was down at the bottom of the radiator as well as the outlet on the other side. After that I had no cooling issues at all. I am pretty sure the crossflow radiators that were used on the late 1275's as well as the 1500's used the same mounting so it should fit. Not sure if you would need a new shroud or not. I used the one that came with the 76 radiator since the original was all bent and rusted pretty badly. I've heard that the aftermarket radiators are pretty flimsy. That is why I looked for a used one and had it cleaned out. Hope this helps.


Jedi Trainee
yes. It will fit. the last ones were wider. But they should fit as lond as you have the 1500. I think they both have thesame fittings.
I use the 79 radiator on my 1275 racer. The early end tanks will fit the late radiator. My car never gets hot. I have a had time getting it up to temp.


Senior Member
Does anyone have an image of the 76 or later radiator model for me to look at so I can compare my 75 or at least the dimension of the 76 radiator?

I am interested also in knowing how a blanketing sleeve works? I've read that it somehow prevents local overheating in the cylinder block that otherwise could occur if no thermostat was used at all but how and why? Why I ask is that last year I had problems with overheating after making sure everything else was addressed. I briefly removed the thermostat to see what would happen and readings were better as the engine never got too hot and when the temp did go above the normal range it quickly returned once I had reached the top of the mountain for instance. I was really fearful however because some had written "NEVER RUN THE ENGINE WITHOUT A THERMAOSTAT OR YOU COULD LOSE THE ENGINE!" So would using a blanking sleeve then be ok?


Jedi Trainee
A blanking sleeve is great un less you live in a climate that keeps the engine too cold...120 F or less. Just a guess? A temp of 210 to 215 is not bad if it is a steady controlled rise. People worry too much about this. When I raced stock cars it was no problem to see 230 or more. If fact the engine will make more HP when it is hot. I don't recommend running an engine 230 all the time.


Jedi Knight
I'll take some pictures tonight and do a little measuring for you. I was really frustrated with this as well at the beginning of last summer. I run a 160 degree thermostate in the summer and with the 76 radiator I installed I never see temps above 180 during long hard runs and steep climbs. I didn't change it out for this winter as I was only going to drive it a couple of days before putting it on jack stands for an engine and front suspension rebuild. It was right at 30 degrees outside and I couldn't even get the car up to 160 degrees for longer than a couple of minutes. I think if you flush the engine really well, make sure your timing isn't too advanced, and install the larger radiator, your temperature problems will go away or at least get to a managable level. Pics and dimensions to follow tonight.

Matthew E. Herd

Jedi Warrior
After having my engine rebuilt, the temperature never climbs. Period. When idling in the autocross grid in 100F weather, it once got near the redline. My real concern isn't the engine temp, but the oil temp. Other than that, with the stock radiator and an oil cooler, it never has gotten hot. In the winter, it warms up promptly and I never have a problem. I've run 165F and 180F thermostats, and it did not make an apparent difference.


Jedi Knight
You have an email my friend. The pics were too big to post here. Hope this helps,
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