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TR6 TR6 1976 Clutch Choice Question


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I am sure this has been covered before and I tried a search - to no avail. In the next few weeks before spring arrives I'd like to pop out my tranny and reseal a few of the pesky leaks. In doing so, the obvious question of replacing the clutch comes up but I've read that the current generation of third party units are trouble prone, centering on the pressure plate mostly. At 28k miles I replaced the original clutch because I was young and worried. There was nothing wrong with it. In 1996 at 40k miles, the clutch froze up against the flywheel over the course of the winter and instead of pushing it free, I replaced that one as well. I noted at the time the clutch was barely worn with a mere 12k miles. I put in a Bork and Beck assembly in at the time and it's worked flawlessly ever since (now 49k miles). The car is driven very gently.

Should I leave well enough alone because at the rate I am driving the car it seems the current clutch will outlive me...or is there a sure-fire replacement option I am unaware off? I have no problem putting a new assembly in for the benefit of my sons who will get the car one day - I just don't want to make it worse.

Many thanks!!!



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Yes, leave it alone. You know what you have works. I have had a long habit of going to a clutch shop for rebuilds when I need a new one.

Yes, leave it alone. The clutch in my swamp buggy, which gets heavy use, has been in there working for 30 years.



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If you drive it gently, 49K miles is really not a lot for a clutch. If it does fail, it's not a difficult replacement. Those facts would lead me to keep the old one.


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I appreciate the prompt responses. I think I'll employ the "If it works don't fix it" philosophy.

Many thanks.
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