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TR6 1976 TR6 - Can Rubber Guards be Removed from Bumpers?


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I just had the bumpers on my 1976 TR6 re-chromed (paint job almost done!). Can the bumpers be used without using the big rubber guards?

Many Thanks!


Yes they can. I've got a 74 and did the same thing (don't like the look). The only thing is the front will have holes where the bolts went through. I had them filled then chromed.


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Front yes but on the rear I believe one would have to create some supports to allow the removal.


As already stated the front left the holes which I left for possible future driving lights. The rear brackets are perfect for a mounting place for a trailer hitch. When I installed them after painting the car I cut off the "horns" sticking up making a cleaner look.
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The rear needs a 1/4" thick spacer between the body and bumper. I had some pieces of scrap steel, but aluminum would be better. I used 3/8"-24 x 1-1/4" bolts here with a long extension socket with a wobbly end. Bumper was supported by 3 jack stands when I undid the side bolts and removed the original ugly bumper support brackets. it's a good idea to completely remove the bumper in order to clean up the captive nuts for easy installation.


For the front holes, on eBay, bought a 10-pack of 1/4-20 x 4-1/2" stainless carriage bolts. Turned them down to fit on my drill press with my HF hand grinder. Cut them off to 4-1/4" and buffed the heads.

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My 1973 TR 6 has a 1974 front bumper I was always going to add lights or badge bar with the holes. I think the latter bumpers are stronger. I gave my 1973 bumper to a member that had no front bumper weeks after installing said bumper a person backed into him with a trailer hitch ball past the bumper and through the radiator and fan, And just drove away. Madflyer
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