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Wedge Wedge deal alert - 1976 FHC project

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag
Too far away from me, or I'd jump on that. Been thinking about a coupe to go with my 'vert.

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag
I know you've held on to that one for a while. Hopefully someone will grab it before long. If it were closer...


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Tom- That old body of yours, was it an A?C car?Did it have this hole?

Mark Jones

Jedi Warrior
That's my 1976 TR7. My step-son, who the car was for, has lost all interest in the project and I don't have the room to keep it. This is an A/C car.

If any one is interested and would like to see more pictures please send me an email: mowog73@sympatico.ca.


Country flag
DNK said:
Tom- That old body of yours, was it an A?C car?Did it have this hole?

No A/C on that car Don, and my '8 doesn't have it either. Sorry.

Come on guys - let's get that TR7 a new home. It looks fantastic.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Did the shell have that hole by the servo?
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