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TR6 Paint in a 1976 TR6


Great Pumpkin
Single stage Acrylic Enamel if I'm not mistaken. That's why they have the orange peel on the sides, unless you've block sanded or clay barred it out.

Anyone know for sure?


Jedi Warrior
So the orange peel on the side of my 76 is SUPPOSED to be there??

Crap... I thought it was just because the PO had a cheap paint job done (which he said he did!). Makes me wonder if they sanded and primed... I bet they didnt!

Amazing that the original paint job had orange peel!


FWIW, my TR7 (also a 1976 car) didn't have the orange peel at all when I took delivery straight off the boat. I'm fairly fanatical about that topic and so when the time came for repainting I did it myself. Naturally, since I was fooling myself about my painting capabilities, I had such bad orange peel that it was almost like elephant hide, and it took me a month of wet sanding and compounding to get it back to a glassy finish again.

- Steve Richardson
76 TR7 (original owner)


Jedi Knight
Orange peel! Its not so much the type of paint( basicly not at all)but the way its mixed and the guy pulling the trigger. Check out a new Caddy, orange peel, not bad, but there.


Great Pumpkin
Agreed BoR, but much more common with enamel cars back in the "old days" than those painted with lacquer.

Here I go, showing my age again.....


Luke Skywalker
Two stage paint weren't even around when your TR was new.

All new cars (with some HIGH end exceptions) all have orange peel on their paint. Some paint codes even make an allowance for the amount of orange peel one can expect when refinishing a newer car. Some paints used at certain assembly plants have a rougher finish than others. When you refinish these cars you must get the codes correct to match the original look.


Jedi Hopeful
Driving home from work today I saw a H3 Hummer that had the worst case of orange peel for a newer car. I really don't think there is any car, other than hand buffed, that comes from factory paint that is free of orange peel. Color can make it show more, dark colors seem to reveal peel more; the H3 was deep blue.
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