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TR6 Soft Top Selection 1976 Triumph TR6


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Hi Folks! Time to replace the original soft top! Reference Moss catalog. I would like your comments, pro's/con's on the original vinyl with reflective strip versus the Stayfast Cloth (no reflective strip). Comments on the value of the zip out window? I live in Hot Houston. Any comments on the best place to buy one?

Many Thanks!


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I quite like the stock style top with the reflective stripe...just looks right on the car. I do like the cloth look as well but they do require a bit more maintenance and care IMO.

One thing I would never do personally is buy a TR6 top without the zip down rear window. I use mine quite a bit on long tours and having the top up with the rear window down can be a welcome break from the sun or even wind noise for a length of time.



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Fantastic feedback! Many thanks!

I will have to figure out how to post some photo's when I'm done. The car is in awesome shape, currently 90% original, with 26,000 miles. In the paint shop for it's first paint job in over 40 years!


Darth Vader
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Fantastic feedback! Many thanks!

I will have to figure out how to post some photo's when I'm done. The car is in awesome shape, currently 90% original, with 26,000 miles. In the paint shop for it's first paint job in over 40 years!

Here's mine in the rain with the top up...it's a 73.




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I just had mine replaced with the stayfast cloth top (tan) with reflective stripes and zip out window. I think it looks much better than the original vinyl, adds a touch of class.


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I'm rebuilding a 69 TR6. I've seen thousands of Tr6s over the years. IMO the stayfast cloth top is the most elegant looking top if that is the look you want. Stay fast with the reflective looses something in the look. Looks like it was added and shouldn't be there. A solid top no stripe looks cheep and not in the period. The vinyl top with the reflective stripe is the proper look and is what I bought for my car. No matter what you get purchase one with the zip down window. Hope this helps and good luck!
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