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MGB 1976 MGB Roadster for a patient.


Great Pumpkin
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A pal has brought his MGB here for me to get running, I've worked on it in the (distant) past. First issue was the half-and-half mixture in the fuel tank: half fuel, half WATER. Drained that all out, threw a bottle of HEAT in there followed by a half-dozen gallons of actual gasoline.

Thing has a Cannon intake with an IDF/DGV Weber mounted,that came off and got a total going-thru. Had to replace the float valve. YUK!!! green and gobber'd up mud. Manifold had a frog pond in the base under the carb, too. NO idea how they got it to run long enough to get it here!

Now looking at the dizzy, it has a coating of "frosting" of some fuzzy funky description. Looks to be corrosion.Don't let 'em sit for months outdoors!


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It is amazing how much abuse they will take and still run at least a little.

Heck, I found out that an MGB will run (sorta) on only one cylinder -- when you forget to replace the 1-3 leads after doing an oil change for instance. Not that I'd ever do that.


Great Pumpkin
I have the same manifold and DGV carb on my '69 MGB. I despise the way it looks, but it actually runs OK.

I bought a set of HS4s (+ MGB manifold) for cheap, but I think I'm going to fit them to the 1275 on the race car instead.

I know what you mean about pond scum in the carb. I bought that '73 Midget about a year back and the DGV in it was filled with greenish goobers. I pulled the 1275 out (also using for race car) and dropped in a 948.
Cleaned out the DGV plus swapped the gas tank (it was unbelievable) and runs fine (for a sub-liter car with a goofy carb).
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