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BE windshield screws

Joe Schlosser

Jedi Warrior
Country flag
I was lookin at my original (with a big crack) BE windshield the other day while moving stuff around and I noticed something unusual on two of the screws that attach the frame to the Passenger side support.
Instead of the standard Phillips head screws that are onthe driver side and one on the passenger side these two had little cylinders welded to the screw heads.
Can any one tell me what this small cylinders would have been used for. Wind deflector attachments???
Joe Schlosser

Joe Schlosser

Jedi Warrior
Country flag
The screws look factory I did not think BE came with a wind deflector set up. May have come with an aftermarket kit. Only on passenger side though.
Anyone else have any thoughts
Custom CB antenna holder?
Joe Schlosser

Joe Schlosser

Jedi Warrior
Country flag
CB radios in 1960???
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