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Windshield Washer Pump Repair


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Good Day to All,
After many long years of rebuilding my BN4 LongbridgeHealey, I finally got to the unique little windscreen washer pump that was notworking after 30 years of stagnation. On stripping the unit, I discovered, asmany before me also have, that the diaphragm had hardened and was completelyperished. Many nights were spent contemplating a fix for this as I wished toretain originality in looks and functionality, i.e. a mechanical pump utilisingthe same body and external features.
My first thought was to replace the diaphragm with the cutoff middle finger of a latex glove, stretched over the brass end plate andcomplete with the small internal spring, which was still in good condition.This trial worked reasonably well, but I was concerned that the stretched areawould soon perish and not last the distance. Back to regular contemplation overmany nights!
I then had a Eureka! moment and decided to try the humblelittle squash ball! See pics attached.
This is the procedure I used:

  1. Cut off approximately one quarter of the balland trim/grind the edge as flat as possible.
  2. Turn the ball inside out and place over amandrel to allow a 1mm wide groove to be machined/ground into the inside faceof the ball, approximately 1.5mm deep and 3mm from the cut edge.
  3. Reduce the diameter of the brass end plate to36mm.
  4. Reduce the diameter of the aluminium Plungerplate that makes contact with the diaphragm, by about 1mm.
  5. The use of the internal spring is optional asthe squash ball alone works a treat, but if you use the spring, reduce thediameter of the largest two coils of the spring to allow it to fit inside thesquash ball.
  6. Assemble the diaphragm onto the brass end plateusing silicone sealant in the groove.
  7. Insert the Plunger shaft into the body, followedby the squash ball assembly into the aluminium body.
  8. Seal the squash ball assembly into the bodyusing silicone sealant and bend over the aluminium edge of the body to hold inplace.

I hope this helps those who wish to retain mechanicalfunctionality of this unique little windscreen washer pump.


  • 1. Dismantled.jpg
    1. Dismantled.jpg
    87.9 KB · Views: 75
  • 2. Old Diaphragm.jpg
    2. Old Diaphragm.jpg
    88.9 KB · Views: 70
  • 3. End Plate.jpg
    3. End Plate.jpg
    98.4 KB · Views: 65
  • 4. End Plate Reduced Diameter.jpg
    4. End Plate Reduced Diameter.jpg
    112.4 KB · Views: 65
  • 5. Squash Ball.jpg
    5. Squash Ball.jpg
    68.5 KB · Views: 68
  • 6. Squash Ball Trimmed.jpg
    6. Squash Ball Trimmed.jpg
    31.7 KB · Views: 65
  • 7 Squash Ball Trimmed.jpg
    7 Squash Ball Trimmed.jpg
    33.6 KB · Views: 66
  • 8. Squash Ball Inside Out with Machined Groove.jpg
    8. Squash Ball Inside Out with Machined Groove.jpg
    39 KB · Views: 67
  • 9. Plunger Diameter Reduced.jpg
    9. Plunger Diameter Reduced.jpg
    30.9 KB · Views: 65
  • 10. EndPlate Inserted into Squash Ball.jpg
    10. EndPlate Inserted into Squash Ball.jpg
    37.4 KB · Views: 67
  • 11. Silicone Sealed.jpg
    11. Silicone Sealed.jpg
    48.7 KB · Views: 66


Luke Skywalker
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Very good idea. I changed mine into an electrical switch that would power a wiper pump. The switch still looks original.


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Thanks Jerry.

I am aware of the electrical modification, but I thought I might offer a mechanical solution for some of the old pedantic geezers out there like me. :encouragement:


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This repair modification is genius. Since the washer pump occupies a prominent place on my BJ 7's dash, I might as well try to get it working. I have the original plumbing and bottle. Other than being discolored, these parts appear to decent shape. Thanks for sharing. GONZO


Darth Vader
Hi Rip,

You appear to be a man after my own heart. I have modified my BJ8 Phase 1 and the washer pump was only one of those modifications. However, in every modification I make sure the car can be reasonably easy to return back to its original concourse state ... that is except for the added in-line fuses placed on every critical circuit and/or electrical component.

A while back I modified my dash washer pump as the diaphram died due to age and a lack of use. I dismantled the unit and secured or fabricated new component replacements to allow the dead original to properly function. However, since I wanted to maintain the original look of my dash and secure a better location for my driving light switch, I decided to put the parts on the shelf and insert an electrical switch that could activated/deactivated the Lucas driving lights. A low amperage double action switch became quite viable when inserted into the pump's canister body as I had installed relays to allow my original wiring curcuits to only perform signaling functions and not carry operational amperage to the lights (as originally set). As a result, my dash appears as original but performs a much more useful function for me then the washer but can easily be returned to its original state with the substitution of the pump internals.

I applaud fixing rather then purchasing as I have found most Healey owners prefer to take that path as well. Finding creative solutions keeps the brain working.

Thanks for your post and all the best,


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Thanks for the positive comments guys. I hope that in some small way this can help keep the original "feel" of these cars.


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"I love it when a plan comes together."
-As quoted by actor, Liam Neeson, in the 2010 movie , "The A Team."

(Hmm, should of been called "The AH Team")


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Just a further note to those wanting to try this modification:

When reassembling the unit, ensure that the squash ball diaphragm and end plate assembly is inserted deep enough into the aluminum housing such that it just comes into contact with the external plunger when in its rest position.

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