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TR2/3/3A Cutting the finish end on the windshield top rubber


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Cutting the finish end on the windshield top rubber, has anyone figured out a repeatable way to cut the rubber where it tucks in behind the upright and the flat piece. Every time I do the cut on the rubber, I use bad language and snip and pray and usually it goes well. But, ever time the job feels like I should be doing this different because there is only so much material. There has to be a cool way. ideas?


James A Martin

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See if this will work...

Copy & paste in your browser...


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I slide the rubber inward as much as possible, compressing it together. that way even if my cut is off a bit it compresses back outward. In other words my finished seal is still a bit too long in the end so it holds tight on the ends.


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I installed the top rubber and wanted to mention leave about Âľ of an inch of the little piece ÂĽ inch wide strip that fits in the channel. The piece will be out of sight and be pinched between the frame and upright to help hold the seal on the end in place after the angle cut.
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