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What is the finish Jaguar Uses on Veneered Trim Pieces?

Michael J.

Jedi Warrior
My veneered alloy door inserts on my 99 XJ8 have a lot of cracking.

What is the Varnish used on these trim pieces?

When I bought a replacement facia for my 87 XJ6, it had been wet sanded as if a resin had been used.


Great Pumpkin
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!] Laca French undercoat--This is a wood sealer

2] Hi quality varnish

3] Polished: By light water sanding and then paste type polish

Some after market re-finishers use Shelac under Epoxy or polyurethane varnish????


Freshman Member

The finish used on all post 1973 Jaguars is Polyester. It is used over a two part Polyurethane barrier coat, and applied wet on wet at certain intervals. In the factory enviroment it is UV cured. The doors are notorious for cracking on the X300/X308, but even the worst looking items will usually stand refinishing, without getting into re-veneering them xjdoor2.jpgxjdoor3.jpgxjdoor4.jpgxjdoor5.jpg. Often for the budget minded, it is cheaper to buy used wood off ebay or wherever, but will never be as nice or match as properly refinished parts that are original to your car.


Great Pumpkin
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What type of stripper can be used to strip down to the veneer?

Aircraft stripper is the best to use but it can hurt skin so handle with care OK
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