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Heat Shield finish 66 Type


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Hi All,
I have a 66 E type and I am replacing the Heat Shield. Got a new one from XK unlimited an unsure if it needs to be sprayed.
What is the correct finish please?

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JCNA mentions heat shields...but no finish. Downpipes light rust accepted. I did judging ONCE for JCNA, and the guides are NOT inclusive, leave a whole lot out, and results in long, heated arguments.

Fortunately, the judgees usually have their poo together with documentation and it's all good.


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Should be galvanized finish, can use a heat paint of same color to help prevent the rust color from sitting. JCNA judges were pretty persnicity. We drug a 79 XJ12 thru 5 states and saw completely different judging. I grew up with original Jags but what I saw new doesn't hold up to some judges. Took 10 shows to get a National Champion and $79,000. If shields are for carburettor covers, they are polished stainless.
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Hmmmmm who said that?
And speaking of judging, at one JCNA show the blind mice decided to use my etype for a judging class. Took over two hours to judge mine and about 7-8 minutes of each of the other cars.
Not a good out come for me.


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I took the above mentioned XJ12 to a National Champion but with alot of mixed up judging. Went to Tulsa got 100% on engine bay and 0 on the boot. Car was sprayed Fern Green and boot was still silver. That was Tulsa Club and Houston judged that. St. Louis judges did a 100% in boot and 0 on engine, because of wrong hose clamps. I had original brochure and protested with 2 out of 3 judges giving us a 99 second place. I saw a Series one E in drivers given a 100, then tried to talk him into concours class. No way was he going to paint and rechrome for them to pick him to death. Couple years later he took the preservation class hands down.
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