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coil spring finish


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What sort of paint is best to use on the coil spring? I was wondering if there is a problem with cracking due to flexing of the spring. Powdercoat? Rattle can? POR?



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I've sprayed many springs with good old rattle can enamel and it last forever. But one of the best of the rattle can enamels is stuff that is sometimes labeled as " Farm Machinery Enamel". Such colours as Gray, or John Deere Green or Yellow are very popular uses for this type of paint. Get it in any colour you want. If springs are rusty I treat them to a product called Extend made by Locktight Co. The combination is unbeatable.

Bob Hughes

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I used a product that used to be called Finnigan's Hammerite smooth. The firm has been incorporated into another and the formulation has changed, I think for the worst but I must say it has been effective on my springs. They were given 2 coats as were the suspension arms many years ago and it is still good now.




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I had mine powder coated semi gloss black on my driver. They look great. No cracks after spirited driving.


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Thanks for the recommendations.
I had mine powder coated along with other suspension parts and the folks that did the work said the powder coating flexes with the springs. I did mine on gloss black.
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