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TR2/3/3A Front coil spring recommendation?


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I'm going through the front suspension on my '60 TR3A and trying to decide what to do about the springs. They look fine, not broken or anything, no obvious problems. They were on the car when I got it in '96 and the PO did everything on the cheap, so it wouldn't surprise me if they are original. I'm inclined to replace them on general principles. What do you guys think? Should I replace with stock or get the longer ones and get rid of the spacer? I also see that Moss offers an "upgraded" spring made by Suplex, anybody try that? I'm not looking "performance" or higher rate springs, I think the stock ones are plenty firm. Thanks!


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If you search the latest threads about problems with new springs I think you’ll be inclined to want to keep your current springs unless they are obviously bad.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
If you search the latest threads about problems with new springs I think you’ll be inclined to want to keep your current springs unless they are obviously bad.

Amen! Why look for trouble if you don't have to?


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If it ain't broke don't fix it. If you decide to change them I have a weak one so I might be interested if they are good.


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I'll join the chorus: don't replace them unless there is some reason to do so.

When I took apart my 4A's front suspension, I found that one spring was about 3/4" shorter than the other. That kind of thing warrants replacement, I think. Interestingly, the new ones looked very different from the old ones--they had thicker wire and 7 turns instead of 5. A little math showed me, however, that the new ones should have a spring constant virtually identical to the old ones. Most people are not geekoids like me, and if they had different constants, would not have known it until the job was finished and the car was too high or low. That's the kind of problem you can get into.

Alfred E. Neuman

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The only springs I would buy new are from the higher end aftermarket suppliers like Richard Good or Neil Revington. The have the springs designed to a specific constant for a specific job, and they're QC is undoubtably better than the Big Three due to the nature of what they're selling them for.
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