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TR4/4A TR4A Front Coil Spring Replacement


I broke the left front coil spring on my TR4A. Reading the manual, replacing this looks like a manageable task with a spring compressor (correct???). The Moss catalog references both a "short" and "long" spring, although only the long is available. VB doesn't specify any difference, only referencing one kind.

Why the difference, and is the Moss "long" the one I want? I am not looking to change the ride or handling. I'd like it to be "stock".


Just remember, that after the driver, the coil springs are the most dangerous part of the car; lots of stored energy wanting to escape (into you). That said, with care, it is a very manageable job.


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Aloha Ron,

TR4A I believe all have the longer 11" spring. The earlier cars 2, 3 & 4 used a shorter 9.75" spring and an aluminum spacer. The combined height of the two pieces is 11", so some of the earlier cars are using the longer springs. The spacer in above the spring. The change over to the long springs seems to have been at CT29985. You nay be able to see if there is a spacer in your spring but it may be difficult.

The job of replacing the spring is not that difficult. However you need to be very safety conscious when unloading the spring compression.


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I just happen to have a pair of what I believe to be original TR4 springs (a failed experiment with correcting the Spit front end height) that I am not going to use.

They measure ~9.75" unladen. The outside diameter is 4", and they have exactly 8 coils in each spring. I bought them on Ebay as "TR4 springs".

They look pretty good...if you want them, let me know and we can work something out. If you want to buy new, no biggie...just thought I'd offer.



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I replaced my springs in my 4A.

With all that comes apart when replacing the springs, I went ahead and replaced the tie rods, ball joints and all front bushings.

The Moss compressor worked fine.

Pressing in the new lower bushings was somewhat tedious. Applying correct torque, etc. was also no easy job in the spaces given, plus some ambiguity in the manual.

I recommend the urethane bushings for the upper wishbones; not the rubber ones.

Remember to closely follow the manual on removing the front springs. The six inch bolts, short block of wood, the whole bit, is all well worth the time to read and follow.

My experience was very positive: Smooth, soft and quiet ride.

Good luck.


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This might be the proper place for this. I don't have the book for my 71 Spit and I'm wondering if the front springs are a bit saggy. What would be the propper hight for them? Anyone?


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kc_doyle said:
This might be the proper place for this. I don't have the book for my 71 Spit and I'm wondering if the front springs are a bit saggy. What would be the propper hight for them? Anyone?
Interesting...the usual complaint is that "the front of my spit is too high".

I replaced the front springs in my 77 1500 with earlier (shorter) ones. I have the unladen measurements written down...will look tomorrow. Cannot take the laden measurement right now...car is on jackstands undergoing several improvements at the moment. Check out this link for some more Spit spring info.
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