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TR2/3/3A The Harley Davidson side mirror that mounts to the TR3 windshield stanchion?


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Here is mine. Got them on ebay, not very expensive. Order both sides…they actually are reversed from the motorcycle installation.


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That's what I was looking for. Apparently the mounting screw has the correct thread size for the stanchion. I think the stanchion screw on my car is seized. Can it be accessed from the inside to apply PBS Blaster?


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I can’t advise on the frozen bolt removal. However, I would think the mirror would be fine in the other bolt hole, if it can be removed. Again, I think you need the RH harley mirror to go on the LH driver side. Not sure the mirror on the other side would help much.


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Macilona, any further distinguishing details or a part number on the HD mirror? There are many options on eBay.

What I especially like about your pictured mirror is that it looks very similar to the OEM Triumph one, or at least similar to the one on my fender now.



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Howdy….see if this listing gets posted….seller was fatmansparts….3” round with 4” stem. $24 +/-. RH mounts on drivers side. Good luck, mac



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I'm new to this forum.. I have some photos of the Harley Davidson Mirrors installed on my TR3.. but don't know how to posted them.. ?


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I took another approach, same idea.


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My Mirror solution. Home made bracket. The mirror is a convex mirror so I get good coverage. The extra hole is to mount my GoPro camera.
Mirror s.jpg

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