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Windshield Wiper Wheelbox


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Cleaned up my wheelboxes to reinstall and discovered the remnants of a rubber skirt-like seal on one and missing altogether on the other. Upon close examination I see that the drive gear is splined so I should be able to remove it in order to install new seals on the shaft at the top end - if only I can find something suitable. Anyone out there done this before? I am not about to dissasemble them until I know there is an available seal out there that works.


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I've got the same issue and in the same boat so I'm anxiously waiting to see responses to your question!

I'm willing to disassemble my wheelboxes but only after I identify a source for that pesky little seal! BTW, I came across this article on disassembly that proves it can be done.... > MGA wiper spindle Seal < Unfortunately, the seal number referenced (17H5389) seems to be made of unobtainium.

Ron W
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