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windshield wiper motor rubber mounting grommets


Jedi Warrior
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Have new mounting grommets. I'm finding it impossible to get them into the holes in the bracket. The rubber won't compress enough. Any ideas?


Jedi Knight
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They are a royal pain in the __s! I used generous amounts of Dawn liquid soap and a dull screwdriver.
Good luck, Richard!


Jedi Warrior
Maybe I should be embarrassed to say...that I cut mine in half. One half on top, one on bottom. It worked but I haven't used the wipers.

Rob Glasgow

Jedi Knight
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I resorted to the technique Dale used. I'm kind of surprised the suppliers haven't addressed this problem already. There have been posts about the installation problem for years.


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I cut them like this. Mounted the motor a couple of years ago and working fine.
Suggest blue loctite on nuts so they don't have to be too tight.



Jedi Warrior
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A diagonal cut from top to bottom, on the side, as suggested by British_Recovery, is the way to go. With the help from some soapy water and a pair of pliers, I was able to "screw" it into the hole just as he said.

Bob Hughes

Luke Skywalker
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I did mine by using some stout string and plenty of lube, wind the string around the middle section pass it through the hole from the top and and pull down on it whilst trying to press the rubber in from the top and twist the rubber as you do it, seemed to work for me. I did have the seat out and was lying on my back with my feet dangling over the back of the cockpit.


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