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Removal of windshield posts from my 100-6

Chet Zerlin

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Hi all!

Continuing on in my quest to strip my car as much as possible before taking it into the painter...

The rubber gasket that sits under the windshield posts will need to be replaced which means those posts have to be removed from the car (which will also help the quality of the paint job). It looks like the windshield frame which contains the glass is held onto those posts by the screws in each post and the post itself is held into the body by two bolts on the side inside the door frame and one screw in the top "leg" that goes out onto the wing/fender. If so I am thinking that by removing the screws in the post I can remove the windshield frame in one piece. And then removing the two bolts and the one screw should get the posts out.

Seems easy...way too easy considering my experiences so far with my Healey (!) ...so before I try this idea would anyone know if this is correct?

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John Turney

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If you have someone to help lift the other end, you can remove the two bolts (there should be three, one on the inside) and the screw and lift the posts and windshield together. Then separate the posts from the frame on the bench.

Chet Zerlin

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John, I think I now see that third bolt you mentioned in the Moss diagram (circled in red below) but I can't tell from it where to find it....I only saw the two bolts that attach to the lower "leg"...is it under the dash?

Chet AHY-115_1.jpg

Chet Zerlin

Jedi Trainee
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Thanks everyone! The reason I could only find two bolts was because apparently the PO only put those two in on each side...the holes for the third bolts were empty :smile:
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