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Removal of 100-4 windshield glass


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Does anyone have a solution, or even an idea, as to how I might get the glass out of the frame of the windshield of a 100? The side pieces of the frame were no problem - just a few taps with a small hammer on a piece of wood placed against the frame and they came loose. However, the top and bottom channels are a different matter. I tried using liquid dish soap, and when that didn't work, a lot of WD-40, with several days soaking time, to soften the glazing rubber so that I could remove the top and bottom channels like I had done of the sides. But it didn't work. The glazing rubber will not let go of the glass. My objective is remove the frame for re-chroming. I was hoping to avoid using a large hammer, followed by a broom, and the purchase of new glass. I had thought about using gasoline, lacquer thinner, and similar liquids to soften the rubber, but I don't want to use something that will seep in at the edges and attack the plastic laminated into the safety glass. And, I'm afraid to use brute force for fear of breaking the glass. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might do the job? I'll appreciate any help.
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Been a while since we had our BN2's windshield apart and back together, but is it possible to get a screwdriver under the ends of the channels and pry the channels up from the ends? IIRC there's an angle bracket on the corners; if you can get that off maybe you can get a screwdriver started under there.

Could you work one of the wire 'garrottes' in there to cut away the rubber, like the pros do to replace a modern, glued-in windshield? How about something less exotic, like a razor blade? If you can sever the rubber on the sides of the channel I expect the rest would give way.
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