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Ignition Key Cylinder Removal


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How do I remove the ignition key cylinder from a Healey 3000 ignition switch?

I have a new switch, but I want to use original key cylinder.

Thanks, Jeff
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Disengage cylinder lock tumblers by inserting the original key and pulling on the cylinder. You may need to assist it with along with a pick for final separation from the barrel. Study it before attempting.


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There's an access hole on the side of the cylinder that allows you to depress a button when then key is in and the tumbler is in the on position. Not accessable without the key to turn the tumbler. With the button depressed, use the key to withdraw the tumbler.


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Hi Jeff,
I just did this. Insert the the key and turn it to the on position so is at 90 degrees. On the barrel there is a 1/8" hole. When you turn the key you will see a brass pin at the bottom of this hole.
Using a small Philips or push pin about 1/16". Push the pin in and keep it pushed in, it's on a small spring. Using a screw driver say then pry out the cylinder. Pry against the key and the edge of the barrel. Once you pry it out a little
not easy, you can release the pin. Then pry it out the rest of the way. When I did this the spring and pin piece came apart, very small so do it over a table. Also mark the positions of the cylinder and barrel before you take it apart. Later Dave Walsh
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