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Inertia Cut-Off Switch - E-Fuel Pump to Ignition [Key] Switch


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What is the best application for an inertia cut-off switch in our Healeys? I originally planned to place it on the e-fuel pump but now considering an under dash installation to the brown / blue wire going to the ignition (key) switch. On a BJ 7 this would cut-off all power except for lights. Suggestions?

Is an inertia switch designed to take this type of power?


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I used this one for the fuel pump only (that's how folks usually wire it). Mounted it next to the wiper motor so it would be easy to reset. Been running it for about 6 months without having to reset it. I spliced it into the pump wiring at the firewall connections. Works fine except the connector is wired incorrectly, but easy to fix - how-to details in Amazon comments.




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I used a three-wire inertia switch (NC-COM-NO) and wired it to the electric fuel pump. The +12V to the COM, the NC to the electric fuel pump, and the NO lead to a small LED light mounted below my dash. If the inertia switch trips, the NO contact energizes the LED light letting me know so I can reset the inertia switch.


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Thanks all. Learned that the inertia switch I sourced is rated 10amps, so it'll be wired to the e-fuel pump. Steve, I like your installation idea for easier access in the event the switch requires re-set. Glad it hasn't triggered!
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