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BN4 Ignition/Turn Indicator Light


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Hello all,

I developed a new problem today. I noticed that the ignition indicator light in the center of the facia panel didn't go out after the car was up and running. In fact, the ignition indicator light stays on all the time. Later, when I used the directional indicator the ignition indicator light blinked once and then stayed on. This is occurring turning both left and right. When I got home I found the right front directional indicator bulb to be burned out so I replaced it. No change to the non-blinking problem. All four directional lights come on, they just don't blink.

Is there a way to test the flasher unit? I know Moss has new flasher units. I wanted to see if someone out there had any insight on this problem before I spent the money on the new flasher.

Thanks ahead of time for any input.


John Turney

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I'm a bit confused.

When you say "ignition indicator light" do you mean the "no charge warning lamp" in the bottom of the tachometer? (I'm using the name in the shop manual.) It should have nothing to do with the turn signals.

The yellow (on my BN4) "flasher warning lamp" between the speedometer and tachometer should flash opposite from the directional indicator bulbs. If the respective directional indicator bulbs are on and the flasher warning lamp is also on, there is an electrical short between the L and P terminals on the flasher unit. Check and see if the wires for the L and P terminals are touching.

There really isn't a way to test the flasher unit because it needs the proper load on it (provided by the two incandescent on the right or left). If those have been changed to LEDs, the flasher unit won't work properly.


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When I turn the key on and the fuel pump starts pumping, the light between the speedometer and tach. comes on (Warning Lamp according to the workshop manual) and should go off once the engine is running. After the engine was running that lamp would go off and only come on when the directional signal was engaged. Now that lamp stays on all the time and the directional signal lamps don't blink.

There is a small hole in the bottom of the tach. that says "Ignition" that allows white light to come through once the engine is running. That stays on as long as the engine is running currently. Is that "ignition" light the "No Charge Warning Lamp"? Maybe the generator is bad?

John Turney

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You do have a wiring problem then. The light between the speedometer and tachometer should only be for turn signals.


If you are looking at the wiring diagram in the shop manual (Bentley), #24, Flasher warning lamp (the one between the speedometer and tachometer), should have a light green wire from the "P" terminal on the flasher unit (#21), and a black wire to ground/earth.

#37, No charge warning lamp (the one in the bottom of the tachometer), should have a white wire from the starter button, #23, and a yellow wire from post D on the Control box, #17.

The ladder logic diagram from Bill Young, > Electrical - Austin-Healey 100-6/3000 Electrical Drawing <, may be easier to follow. Click on the link and then click on the orange "download" button to see it. It shows better how the wiring works, but not how it's actually connected.

If you have a voltmeter, measure the voltage at post D on the control box with the car running. If it's greater than 13 volts, the generator is ok.
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Problem resolved! Red wire on the right front signal lamp came lose and possibly shorted to another terminal or wire. Warning Lamp only comes on when the directional signal is engaged.

Thanks all.

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