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Side window question for early Longbridge BN4


Jedi Warrior
Still working on the finishing touches for the Longbridge BN4 - serial number 342**. I'm a bit confused about what side windows might have been original for this car. I have five or six sets of side windows to choose from. They range in condition from two relatively new reproduction sets that came with different cars down to what may be an original set of second style Longbridge side windows. That set has one fixed pane and the unique style of mounting arms (with an open slot on the rear arm, etc.), but they are in rough condition. This set fits the description given by Anderson and Moment, except that they do not have the "Weathershields Reg'd Design" markings described by Anderson and Moment.

One other older set is in fairly good condition, and I just finished buffing and polishing the plexiglas and installing new weatherstrip on this set. This set has the "Weathershields Reg'd Design" embossed on both frames. But both front and back panes slide and the windows have the newer style fastening arms. That makes me think that they are original Healey factory parts, but for what? With the two sliding panes, they likely are not correct for the BN4. Or are they?

I will post a few pictures below. The first one is of what may be the original windows for the car. The next two pictures are of the "Weathershields Reg'd Design" windows that I may use, at least for now, on the BN4. The fourth picture is of the set that came with my BT7. I suspect that it is a new reproduction set. What makes it different from all the other sets is that it has rubber weatherstrip on all four sides. I wonder if that is correct for anything?

Any help sorting this out will be appreciated.


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Jedi Warrior
Thanks, johnea. I had seen those pages. But Anderson and Moment complicate it by saying that Healey changed the side window design three times just during the relatively short time of Longbridge production of BN4 cars. And they appear to add the "Weathershields Reg'd Design" element, which my earlier style side window does not have but one of the other examples in my pictures posted above does have. Maybe none of them actually had that name embossed?? I don't know but maybe someone else does know. I probably will rebuild and use the side windows shown in my first picture, but am trying to gather more information before investing the effort in that. Also wondering what the two other examples pictured are correct for.

John Turney

Country flag
I also have a BN4 (349**). My sidescreens are like the first photo, except they are re-anodized and the arms are re-chromed. Only the front perspex slides, not both pieces. They do not have the "Weathershields Reg'd Design", at least that I can see. The later sidescreens have the arms like in the third photo and both front and rear panels slide.


Jedi Warrior
John, thanks for the reply. I agree that the sidecurtains that you have (and those in my first photo) probably are the correct style for this range of Longbridge cars. So, today, I began rebuilding those sidescreens.

Rather than attempt to remove all the scratches, I plan to use new plexiglas. Another set of weatherstrip is on order as well. These sidescreens use brackets in the corners - similar brackets to those used in the windshield frames. All of the brackets - except for one that is missing (which will require making a new one) are in good condition.

In the past, I have had success with refurbishing aluminum by sanding, followed with buffing compound and a power buffer, and finally coating with a protective coating to help prevent oxidation. I will try this on these side window frames. The aluminum parts did require a lot of hand sanding (afraid to use a power sander on them for fear of removing too much metal). Buffing will come next. The four mounting arms (coated or chromed steel) cleaned up beautifully and now have a nice shine.
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