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TR2/3/3A Crankshaft Sludge Plug Removal


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I am trying to remove the crankshaft sludge plugs from what appears to be an untouched crank as it has not been machined in anyway. The plugs are steel and have a 1/4" internal hex plugs. I have tried heating them with an oxy torch and then turning them out with a tool that fits on my rivet gun so that I am turning while the rivet gun is forcing the hex bit into the plug. I have not had any luck. Does anyone have any experience with these that might help?
Steve Baker


Darth Vader
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The hard ones I take to the machine shop to do. That way if they screw it up they will make it right.


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I had a similar problem and there 2 machinists in the room looking at the plugs with me. The guy that strictly polished crankshafts said those could take him hours to get out. The other guy grabbed and impact gun and a hex head bit that fit tight drove that into the plug with a hammer and hit it with an impact gun and they spun right out.

I wondered about it, but I think they did not get along that well. The guy that spun them out, and I had had some brief conversations about cars, so perhaps that was it, but the polisher guy just quietly walked away. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Peace out Steve


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My luck, I would snap the hex head bit and have to start the drilling process to remove the hardened hex head and be back to square one a day later.


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To be sure they are locked take a small chisel and notch them to crank.
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