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A Quality Piece of Kit for Bugsy IV - Creative Spridget Rear Disk Brackets


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Bugsy received a nice piece of Kit yesterday in the form of Rear Disk Brackets from Creative Spridget. Yes the while I was in there might as well...has struck. Since I needed to pull the differential to install a 3.9 pumpkin and was going to need to spend about $150 in parts to upgrade rear drums to work with new front disks, the math said for another $300 I can add Rear Disks on Bugsy IV. You can find website below where you can order these absolutely beautiful aluminum adapters that utilize Rear Disc Brakes with an Integrated E-Brake off of a Nissan Sentra/200SX. I chatted with several folks who have installed this kit and they told me lots of good thing re. brake feel, and stopping reliability. Design includes a brake bias knob so brakes can be dialed in perfectly and once set, no more crawling under the car to adjust brakes on a regular basis. When I put Bugsy IV on the road this Fall I had to ask a friend who owns a BE with Drums all around is this really the way the brakes on this car really work. Yep was the answer. Well I can life with the idiosyncracies of a BE but I want my brakes to be absolutely spot on. This kit sure looks like it will be that way and provide Bugsy IV with braking performance that is up to par with todays cars.

Details can be found at https://www.creativespridgets.com/
along with a Parts List and where the pieces and parts can be ordered form and DIY Instructions which require some minor fitting/ trimming on inside mounting holes of rotors so they fit snuggly on the Spridget Axle. That and rerouting of Brake Lines on the Axle which I was going to need to do anyway to upgrade to later Drum Backing Plates.

Curious to hear other comments from anyone else who was done this conversion. Need to finish up front Disks and suspension rebuild over the next 2 weeks and then will be starting on rear axle upgrades. Again these parts are so nice you just want to admire them.View attachment 46732

But I know I will enjoy there even more when they are installed on Bugsy IV. PS these adapters are now on sale for $100 for a set.
Again NFI just admiring and planning on using a quality piece of kit.


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We have the rear disc adaptors as well - beautifully machined, and the on-line instructions sure seemed to make sense to me and I liked the level of detail and information. Swapped e-mails with Joel a couple of times, and he comes across really well.
Our (running) yellow BE is pretty much original except for the 5 speed & LED brake/tail lights; the (project) Silver BE has a series of upgrades, all of which would be reversible and - I believe - are keeping in the spirit of the car.
I've had the adaptors for quite some time and will be checking out the local pick'n pull next week for the components. Doug.
Jim, are you staying with the 3/8 inch wheel studs?


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Says that the calipers won't fit with original steel rims :(

That's too bad.


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Hadn't thought about it Trevor. Yes, no plans to go to 7/16 ". Now I don't know hole size on rotors for the rear. If they are 7/16"'I might need to. Hmmmm. Need to ask on that one. Anyone know?
No the kit is designed to work with 3/8 inch studs, but i thought i should ask before making the spacers.


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Cool thanks
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