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TR6 Rear Transmission Seal 74 TR6


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Evening folks -
Just read the previous posts re: this topic and need some advice:
My interior is out, transmission and driveshaft tunnel covers off, and the 4 bolts connecting to the drive shaft are out.
Is the next step to take out the two large bolts securing the transmission (at base below shifter assembly)?
If so, I assume the unjoint separates.
Can you then jack up the transmission to allow access?
Just want to be sure of procedure before proceeding ( and before I break something......)
Andy and John - if you all are on line - this is the same project we discussed several weeks ago. Having some problems.



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Are you trying to replace the rear transmission oil seal with the transmission in the car? Is that even possible? Maybe it is, but I’ve always just pulled the transmission entirely out, then you can inspect a lot of other things.


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Hey Will,

If the 4 drive shaft bolts are out, you should be able to pry the U joint to the rear and separate it from the yoke. Then push the drive shaft rearward out of your way. At that point it depends on the access you have to the rear of the yoke. I am not familiar with the tunnel cover on the TR6. If you can get a socket on the big nut holding the Yoke to the tailshaft, then you can work without disturbing the tranny mount. If you cannot, then you may have to undo the tranny mount to jack the end up enough to get the socket onto the yoke nut.

Once you get the socket on the nut, then put the transmission in 1st for the most leverage against the engine drag. You should then be able to remove the nut. It will likely take a breaker bar, and possibly a length of cheater pipe. If the engine turns before the nut, then put a wrench on the front of the engine and lean it against the frame or floor to hold the engine from turning. Once the nut is off, then you can tap off the yoke with a brass or wood mallet. Put the tranny in neutral and spin the yoke as you tap rearward. Some come off without even tapping...others take more work.

Once the yoke is off, you have to find a flat blade screw driver that can be used to carefully pry out the seal, without damaging the shaft seal surface. They make a hook shaped pry bar special for this...or worst case you can fashion one from an old screw driver...make it so it can fit in the crack and snag the seal. Then work it by prying one side and the other until you get it out. Take your time so as not to scratch the shaft...that would be bad!

Removing the old seal should be the hardest part of the whole job. Once it's out, just install the new seal and put everything back together. Best of luck!


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Thanks John. I didn’t realize there would be enough play to push the shaft backwards. Trans presently in neutral and, for some reason, I cannot shift the gears. Worked previously (several months ago), But have lost a lot of oil. Car is presently on jacks.


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The drive shaft may be stiff, but should move for you. Also remember to tape the U-joint so the caps will not fall off and spill needle bearings everywhere.

The tranny should be able to shift. If you turn the yoke while trying to shift, it will help to line up the gears to allow them to engage easier.
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