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BJ8 Transmission Front/Rear Bearing Shim


Obi Wan
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I'm in need of some front and rear bearing shims for the BJ8 transmission.
Moss, AHS, DW don't sell them.
Does anyone know the specific sizes of these and where I might be able to buy them?

Moss lists two sizes for the front, .002 and .004. No size mentioned for the rear. I don't think front/rear are interchangeable.
I believe their purpose is to insure there is the correct amount of contact/pressure between the Mainshaft bearing and the Overdrive Adaptor Plate and the 1st input shaft bearing and the Clutch Housing. So the Mainshaft/1st input shaft is pressed firmly together limiting free play?

What happens if the shims aren't sized correctly? Will the gears on the 1st motion/Mainshaft and or Laygear have excessive wear? Not shift smoothly? Make noise?


Freshman Member
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I don’t know the answers you seek, but in rebuilding my gearbox, in the last few months, including new drive shaft and a Quaife set of tulip straight cut gears, I didn’t bother measuring, and just put the shims that were there back where they were!. Gears no longer jump out, and works great. I’ll have to report back in ten years or so, regarding wear and other problems.


Obi Wan
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How important are the front/rear shims, what is the purpose?
If the shim(s) are too thick, I believe when the parts are bolted together, there will be an oil leak because the gasket isn't making a proper seal.
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