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X-Type -Engine Malfunction Light Horror USA California]


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2700 miles and 3 months into new 2002 X type 3.0 V6 - the orange engine malfunction light goes on. Service advises the story about gas caps letting air in or faulty sending unit - well finally 2 repairs later they change the whole module. Two weeks later - on freeway at 80 miles/hr car dies -completely. Miracle that it was not hit or rear ended. Three attempts at repair...finally given it back to Jag - waiting on outcome. Here's the kicker:- The loaner X-type with 850 miles on it.. orange engine malfunction light came on after driving it 30 miles.
Any comments?


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Sounds like they are having problems! I have not heard of this happening before, but then again I haven't been keeping track of the X-Types as much. Be sure to let us know what the result was.


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Certainly disheartening, but seems odd as the engine is simply a variation on the Duratec used in Contours and Tauruses for years. One would think they would have it sorted out.


Darth Vader
The gas cap causing the malfunction light to go on is certainly plausible-it doesn't even have to be a defective cap, merely loose. There's a warning on my Mom's Accord saying just that-if you don't screw it on tight enough, the computer may shut the car down. Same goes for my Miata. Now, if the service techs are not too good (and it happens even with luxury cars) they could be missing this very simple problem (gas cap not on tight enough) and throwing parts at the car. Which, of course, solves nothing if they can't screw the gas cap on tight enough.


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I had forgotten, but when I took delivery of my VW Passat two years ago, the salesman pointed that out, saying that people had trouble tightening the gas cap sufficiently, and that the check engine light would come on, and that cars has just quit as a result, apparently you need to tighten the cap at least two "twists" with the ratcheting sound. I thought that was silly, but..........maybe not.


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Thanks for the posts. Its hard to imagine someone needing a PH.D in gas-cap technology on a luxury car! Still a week into it and awaiting the outcome. Incidentally the loaner's cap wasn't touched by me - it simply went on after driving the 30-40 miles. Thankfully my 93 Vette with 125,000 miles does not share any of these issues....


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Welcome to the world of OBD 2 Computer equipment REQUIRED by the US EPA. This is a pain in the A** on ALL late model cars. Just an instant of malfunction and the Check engine light comes on. It will reset after x# of starts (30 or 50, I can't remember)and record the malfunction code for the next time the computer memory is dumped.



Had a similar problem with a 96 Saturn. The Check engine light would come on periodically and the Saturn dealer could not figure out why. They replaced a bunch of components, but never fixied it. I finally donated the car to charity (They will prbably sell it for parts).


PS: Other than that how do you like the XType?


Great Pumpkin
For decent info regarding federal rules for automotive On Board Diagnostics, go here:


These three pages provide free demo/downloads for OBD systems (software for purchase is also offered):




If you folks think OBD II is complex, wait until you see the “telemetry enabled” OBD III systems…..the telemetry will broadcast (by radio) your emission transgressions to your friendly state motor vehicle department…..in other words, your car will “snitch” on you.

Actually, I’m sort of impressed by this notion, since it will keep tabs on Camrys, Tauruses, Neons and all the other amorphous “jelly-bean” cars that I’m not interested in (I accept the fact that collector cars, like ours should be left alone as far as emissions…..but I think all these boring “grocery getters” should run squeaky clean *and* get 50 MPG minimum).

It will also address one area of gross unfairness in our present laws. OBD III will bring SUVs into compliance with other passenger vehicles, in terms of emissions: the present law allows these heavier and less efficient vehicles burn more gas *and* pollute more.

OK, I’m off to adjust my idle mixture and gap my points!
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