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TR6 Clutch Master Cylinder Hydraulic Line (Thread / Flare Type)


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I am trying to configure a SS braided line between the Clutch MC and the Slave.

I have the stainless steel line with AN-3 fittings to connect between the MC and Slave, just need adapters.

Does anyone know the Clutch MC (and Slave) hydraulic line thread size/pitch and flare type? I was hoping it was an AN-4 (or that an AN-4 would work) but the thread pitch on the slave looks a lot higher.

Thanks -



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I'm getting closer... The thread of an AN4 is 7/16-20, which seems to match the slave cylinder hole (and I am hoping the master cylinder hole, as well). Now the flare configuration....


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Thanks, Steve.

I’ll check them out!


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To close this out, I got two AN-3 to AN-4 adapters, and two aluminum crush washers from a local speed shop

The AN-4 thread size is an exact match to the 7/16”-20 threads on both the clutch slave & master.

I already had the AN-3 female to AN-3 female braided line.

It all went together slickly, and improved the look of my engine bay.

Here’s the parts I used…


  • EC400E7F-3F08-4729-9E96-6351408ED71E.jpeg
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  • 0CDD4C95-39E6-4304-BF9E-C6ADD09210D8.jpeg
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