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  1. R

    TR6 Clutch Master Cylinder Hydraulic Line (Thread / Flare Type)

    I am trying to configure a SS braided line between the Clutch MC and the Slave. I have the stainless steel line with AN-3 fittings to connect between the MC and Slave, just need adapters. Does anyone know the Clutch MC (and Slave) hydraulic line thread size/pitch and flare type? I was...
  2. S

    TR2/3/3A Clutch not releasing

    Hi All, My 57 clutch has stopped releasing. I have new a new MC and SC and they seem to be working properly and delivering a generous inch of push. My issue is (seems to be) the throw out/release bearing. With the Slave pushrod disconnected, the clutch release lever has about an inch of free...
  3. BobHaskell

    For Sale: Clutch Slave Cylinder Bleeder Extension

    Hopefully this is a good reproduction of Doug Reid's 6 cylinder clutch bleeder extension. Steel hard line, fittings from FedHill, powder coated bracket. Uses your bleed screw. Same price that Doug sold them for in 2006 - $35 plus shipping. Priority Mail (within US) is $10 per box and several...
  4. S

    On a slope, cannot get the car into gear.

    I recently bought a '76 and I noticed when I'm on ramps (engine raised) or now on a slope in a parking lot, that I cannot get it into gear. I ended up coasting backwards to gain speed, and turned the car around to face down slope. Then it went into gear easily. This car was supposedly restored a...
  5. JimLaney

    Sprite MK III combined master cylinder issue

    15 years ago my MK III was undergoing rebuild. The build stopped and no fluids were ever added. I bought it recently and have started over. Yesterday I removed the pedals and the master cylinder for a re-do... cleaned up outside, removed push rods, pins, and exterior boots. The interior plunger...
  6. T

    TR6 Problem with Clutch on 1976 TR6

    Hello, First I will start by stating that I am not a mechanic but an owner of a TR6 who helped my father care for the car while in High School. Since his passing 2 years ago I had the car delivered to MA where I restored the interior and changed all fluids, plugs, seals. Now the real things...
  7. A

    TR2/3/3A Clutch Question

    Hello! A bit of background, I purchased a 1960 Triumph TR3 as a project for myself to work on. The car is not currently drivable and I am going through everything to get it there. I removed the clutch slave cylinder to rebuild it, when I found that the clutch shaft could be easily moved by...
  8. 2billydavies

    TR2/3/3A Question about size of Clutch Alignment Tool

    Hi everyone... me again. So I got my package with all my new parts yesterday from Moss. Almost ready to put the engine back in. One thing.... I ordered a clutch alignment tool from them and they either forgot to put it in the box, didn't see that I ordered it for some reason online, or I simply...
  9. V

    TR4/4A Triumph TR4 A clutch assembly and gearbox

    Hi, The clutch of my 1966 Triumph TR4A is worn out... so I will need a replacement. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace the clutch from underneath the car? (wihout having to dismantle gearbox tunnel, lower dash, carpets, etc... on the inside) Or is this only possible from the inside...
  10. T

    TR4/4A Flywheel... Lightened or Stock, that is the question

    I have a 1963 TR4 that I am rebuilding the engine from the block up. I have a new Findanza aluminium flywheel. I am increasing the bore to 87mm, and installing a very mild cam, otherwise it is a stock engine. What are the pros and cons of the lighter flywheel?
  11. 6

    Recommended clutch slave cylinder pushrod clearance

    Hi All, I'm reassembling the clutch on my project and getting it ready for the first drive. I already know that my clutch slave cylinder pushrod is far longer than replacements (3.75" from hole center to end); it appears to have an additional section welded to the original length. I believe...
  12. B

    Clutch causes engine to stall?

    Hello, I have a 1961 Bugeye, 948cc. I've been working on the carburetors and have them adjusted somewhat. My problem is I set the idle rpm at 1000 and when I push in the clutch the engine idle drops usually to around 700-800 rpm. Sometimes if I hold the clutch down for a longer time than just...
  13. P

    Clutch Sticks

    The clutch on my 58' TR3 A is sticking... today I pushed in the clutch peddle and it stuck down. Car won't go into gear. Think I should check the clutch fluid? Okay... where do I look for it ? Also, if I put more in, do I bleed it or will it bleed itself from use? You guys know...