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Hey Gang,
It's been a long time since I've been on and I hope everyone is doing fine.It's time for me to change the oil in my 65 and I thought I would try getting A good recommendation on oil type and weight.Any help would be appreciated.
Bobby R


Freshman Member
Hi Bobby,

There is a lot of noise in the blogs regarding this matter and Vavoline VR1 20-50 racing oil for street or tract.
Regarding ZDP level and flat tappet engines.

Bulletin from Vavoline ---> https://www.valvoline.com/downloads/2008-003a.pdf

I went with Racing VR1 20-50 plus one quart of Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer.
My BJ7 is very happy, it's hot down here in Florida, I get 60PSI on cold start and 50-55 when running hot, 20 idle.
Also, I was having trouble with over heating, flushed the radiator, added 3/4 water 1/3 antifreeze and Red Line water wetter.
She runs right at 190 now or lower and when stopped for a long time holds steady at 200-210 in Florida.
I may try an improve on this by running a six blade fan and add more wetter.



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Fishplate101 said:
...I was having trouble with over heating, flushed the radiator, added 3/4 water 1/3 antifreeze and Red Line water wetter.

Gee, with the radiator already 13/12 full, how on Earth did you find room for the Water Wetter?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist. <span style="font-style: italic">Somebody</span> was gonna say something, so why not me?)

Oh, and Bobby, my best read on all of the recent discussion on oils is that VR1 is a very good choice.


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Hey Guys,
Thanks for the quick response.I've got to get this done soon and I would like to get my cooling system flushed out also.It's been nice weather here on the east coast but winter isn't too far away.Like I said before, I haven't been on the forum for some time and it's nice to know the good guys are still here.I hope all is good with you.
Bobby R


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Hey Reid, your are right the math is fuzzy, I don't remember the coolant running on the ground and this puppy runs much cooler now!
I must have been in a hurry while typing sorry about that, and this wetter job was done 4 months ago.
Red Line mixture down here in the swamp is going to be different for most folks anyway. It worked out to about 6 pints of antifreeze.
I could back the antifreeze off more down here. So it should say 2/3 water including the wetter agent, but this would be incorrect for cars located
up north during the winter, read the instructions for your temperature zone.


I'm a Fish now.


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Editor_Reid said:
Gee, with the radiator already 13/12 full, how on Earth did you find room for the Water Wetter?
Recovery tank. 'Prolly holds more than that extra 12th+ :laugh:
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