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TR6 Disconnecting pipe from engine block to oil pressure gauge


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I'm attempting to disconnect the black plastic pipe from the block to the oil pressure gauge. I've loosened the nut on the pipe, but it doesn't seem to want to come off. What am I missing? I don't have to remove the adapter from the block do I?


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It is a crush fitting see brass piece pull harder. Are you replacing with a braided line? If that is the case you may need to add a 90 deg fitting any way. Braided line has a sleeve that goes in dash. Madflyer


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Agreed... it will come off with a little "persuasion". Also agree about getting a SS braided line; the plastic tube is brittle from age.


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Pulling straight out didn’t work, but wiggling it up and down did break it loose. Appreciate the braided steel suggestion and I may do that on one of my other TR6’s, but this one is staying strictly original.


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I had the braided one as a spare if org. failed and it did. I also have a braided line to clutch slave. I understand all stock org. but I gave way from 1973 TR 6 to 1993 when I did a frame up. Cheers Madflyer
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